Video Library

The Exemplary Teaching Video Library is a professional development tool that highlights the work of District teachers and is accessible to all teachers, principals, and central office staff.  It provides educators with concrete examples of best teaching practices by opening the classrooms of colleagues across the District.

The video library isolates discrete skills through short video clips and provides educators with examples of best teaching practices in the context of Philadelphia schools.

Educators may access the videos at their convenience to develop skills and improve their practice.  Principals, assistant principals and coaches can share videos for teachers to view following classroom visits, within a professional development session or in a coaching meeting to support growth and refinement of strategies.

The videos will cover a broad range of topics including:

Using formative assessment to drive instruction; gradual release; scaffolding questioning; communicating the objective; guided reading; getting students’ attention; verbal redirections; vocabulary instruction; building a sense of urgency; facilitating a discussion; and cooperative or group work.