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Update 4/8/2024: The Lyra phone number 877-353-0097 is experiencing technical difficulties. Members can still contact Lyra via email at or via live chat on the website at 


Lyra Health has put together a specific toolkit to promote mental health in the Black community.  Please see below for more details.

4 ways to partake in radical self-care for BIPOC community members: Lyra Self Care for BIPOC community

An article,, covering self-care for Black Americans amid race-based traumatic stress

A toolkit for the Black Community on taking care while experiencing racial stress: Lyra Taking Care While Experiencing Racial Stress

An article from the Lyra blog:

We are excited to continue our partnership with Lyra Health to provide coaching and therapy how, when, and where your people need it. Lyra gives our employees and their dependents access to the best care quickly and easily. No more endless searches for therapists, long wait times, or wondering how they’ll pay for mental health care.

With Lyra, everyone gets personalized care recommendations and access to top-quality coaches and therapists who are available now, not weeks from now. Each employee and their dependents get eight (8) free sessions per person, per calendar year at no cost to them.

What Lyra Offers

● Help for stress, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, relationship issues, sleep disorders, and other behavioral needs.

● Services are provided through coaches and therapists whose expertise matches each person’s specific needs and are available in just a few days.

● Meets you where you are: meet – one-on-one at the provider’s office or via live video. Or, use Lyra’s self-care apps.

● Free and confidential services. Eight (8) coaching or therapy sessions per person per year are covered by the School District partnership with Lyra.

● The Lyra care team is available 24/7.

Support with Medication Management.

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How do I get Started?

Follow this simple Guide which will start you on this journey beginning at!

What is covered?

Each calendar year eight (8) coaching or therapy sessions per person at no out of pocket cost to you.

Beginning January 1, 2023 the Lyra providers integrate into the SDP Independence Blue Cross Keystone HMO and Personal Choice PPO plans so you can continue with your same provider and only pay in-network copays. Meaning if you have SDP sponsored medical coverage, you can continue to see your Lyra provider and pay your outpatient mental health co-pay.

Program Descriptions

Lyra Essentials
A new preventive mental health offering, Lyra Essentials offers members access to a rich library of research-based self-care resources. Tap into guided meditations, how-to videos, and mindfulness tactics for everyday life in Lyra’s app or on the web.

Lyra Guided Self-Care
Get started quickly. Your Lyra coach will craft a personalized care plan after an initial consultation and empower you to take the lead on practicing new exercises and strategies at your own pace. Your coach will keep you on track, provide you with specific feedback along the way, and be available via messaging for questions and support.

Lyra Coaching
Meet with a Lyra coach to get to the root of your challenges, gain new insights, and see things through a new lens. Between sessions you’ll get activities and strategies to build on what you learn and can message your coach if anything comes up. As new challenges arise, you can discuss them with your coach and come up with strategies for lasting change.  Learn what Mental Health Coaching is.

Lyra Therapy
Lyra works with the best therapists who use only evidence-based techniques proven to reduce your symptoms. For those who want our most effective, and convenient care, we offer Lyra Blended Care Therapy. With Blended Care Therapy, you can stay connected with your therapist between video therapy sessions, practice skills to reduce your symptoms, and track your progress—so you can start feeling better right away.  What to expect in your first therapy session