Professional Development Plans

One element of the PGS is the Professional Development Plan (PDP) for professional employees.  Professional employees who participate in the PDP are defined as tenured employees with at least three years of service with the School District of Philadelphia.

The PDP is an annual professional growth plan of continuous instructional improvement.  Professional employees in their Professional Development Plan years must complete a designed plan in collaboration with you.  The content of the PDP must align with your school’s data and goals reflected in the school’s Action Plan.  The focus of the PDP is to support professional development activities that are of value to professional employees and that are planned to improve student achievement and school results.  Principals and eligible professional employees (not in PAR, not in formal observation year) should begin to collaborate on the upcoming school year’s PDP once the school’s Action Plan has been approved.

More information can be found in the Professional Growth System Manual

Resources/Forms for Teachers

Professional Development Plan Template
PDP-Pre-Planning Considerations & Guidelines

Resources/Forms for Principals

PDP-Administrator’s Tracking Chart

Resources/Forms for Teachers and Principals

PDP-Teacher Self-Assessment Checklist
PDP Mid-Year Review
PDP – End of Year Review