I’ve Just Been Hired. Now What?


When will my processing session be?

The Office of Talent will provide you with information as to when your processing session will be.  The Office of Talent can be contacted through this link!

What do I need before my processing session?

The Office of Talent will provide you with specific documentation needs prior to your processing session. Here is a link to the required hiring documents!

What is the difference between processing and New Hire Orientation?

Processing is the step-by-step system you will go through at SDPs Central Office to fulfill all documentation requirements in order to begin working. New Hire Orientation is a program that allows the District to ensure that new hires are thoroughly prepared to start their journey as an SDP teacher or counselor.

New Hire Orientation

Is there a way I can meet new teachers to the district, before or after New Hire Orientation?

The Office of Talent often hosts “Teacher Meet and Greets.” You can find dates and times on their Facebook page!

What do I need to know about New Hire Orientation?

Orientation is a program that allows the District to ensure that new teacher hires are thoroughly prepared for the first day of teaching. Orientation is held for five-days in August with consolidated Saturday orientations held September – January for teachers hired later in the year. The five-day August orientation program focuses on the most essential information that newly hired teachers need for the first month of school. For more information, click here!

What do I need before New Hire Orientation or before reporting to my school?

Before New Hire Orientation or reporting to your school, be sure to go to your processing session. It is also helpful to have obtained access to District email. The Office of Teaching & Learning will be in touch with specific needs leading up to orientation. For more generalized NHO information, click here!

Before showing up to your school, be sure to reach out to your principal, as school hours vary in the summer.

Salary & Benefits

How do I calculate out my salary?

Salary information can be found in the SDP website, as well as in the PFT Contract. Click the respective link for more information!

What is the date my benefits become effective?

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare Fund was established to provide members and their qualified beneficiaries with collectively bargained benefits, including prescription, dental, vision, long term disability, professional development and retirement counseling. Health and Welfare Benefits are effective upon Five (5) months of service. Click here, to find out more information about your benefits.

How do I read my pay check?

Click here to learn in detail about your earnings and deductions found on your biweekly pay check.

Important Contacts

Everything is new to me. Do you have a contact list of the offices I might need to contact?

Yes! Here is a list you can use to help navigate the SDP. Scroll down a bit to the bottom of the page to find departments, emails, and phone numbers!


How do I access my District email?

The first time you log into your District email, you’ll need to contact the Help Desk. Do that by calling 215-400-5555. For more information, visit the Help Desk online, here!  (As a reminder, it is very helpful to have email access prior to showing up to New Hire Orientation.)

My New Principal & School

How do I connect with my principal?

You can contact your principal through email, if you haven’t already heard from them. Here is a list of SDP schools by grade level. Clicking on your school’s name will take you to the school’s website, where you can find your principal’s email.

Where can I find information about my school?

The School District is the cornerstone of public education in Philadelphia. The 130,000 students entrusted to The School District of Philadelphia arrive at our schools every day with an extraordinary range of needs. Click here to find information about your school!

Consulting Teachers

I am excited about getting a Consulting Teacher! When will I hear from them?

Consulting Teachers provide job-embedded support by creating student-centered goals paired with teacher-centered action steps focusing on areas of growth within the Danielson Framework for Teaching. Your Consulting Teacher will reach out to you between the first 2-3 weeks of school. For more information about the Office of Teaching and Learning’s coaching program, click here.

Teacher's Union

Where can I find information about the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT)?

PFT members include teachers, librarians, school nurses, counselors, psychologists and social workers, secretaries, paraprofessionals, classroom assistants, non-teaching assistants, supportive services assistants, Head Start/Comprehensive Early Learning Center and Bright Futures teachers and staff, food service managers and professional and technical employees. For more information, click here!

Standards, Curriculum, & Assessments

What standards am I teaching?

The Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (OCIA) is committed to implementing and reviewing federal and state laws and regulation for K-12 education. Subject areas are covered in accordance with the School District’s approved core curriculum. All courses are aligned with Pennsylvania’s academic state standards, as well as with initiatives generated by the District’s strategic plan. For more information from OCIA click here! For more information from PDE-SAS click here!

I’m excited to see what resources I will be using! What types of instructional resources does the district use?

During the 2016-2017 school year The School District of Philadelphia purchased new K-12 Core Mathematics instructional resources and English Language Arts (ELA) anthologies and reading books. For more information about instructional resources, click here!

What is my curriculum?

The School District of Philadelphia has implemented a standards-driven curriculum with aligned assessments in all content areas. For more information on your content area, click here! Click here, to access the District’s curriculum engine after you receive District log-in information.

Is there a scope and sequence to what I will be teaching?

The Scope and Sequence documents outline the recommended content for each Term. Schools have flexibility in their use of materials, strategies, and resources to deliver the recommended content. ELA and MATH documents are aligned to the adopted District textbook materials. For more information, click here!

Where can I find the marking guidelines and assessment calendar?

The School District of Philadelphia has implemented a standards-driven curriculum with aligned assessments in all content areas. Grading students requires a defined marking system to provide uniformity across the district. These guidelines rely upon evidence of daily formal and informal observations by classroom teachers.  For more information, click here!

Where do I enter grades?

The new Student Information System (SIS) offers 24/7 online access, and is accessible by students, parents and educators. It serves as a primary source of data for these areas: student information, demographics, enrollment, registration, grades, student health tracking, scheduling and rostering, and much more. For more information, click here!