What’s new in teacher leadership at SDP?

Teacher leaders are an incredible source of knowledge and passion. The Office of Teaching & Learning has partnered with many of the District’s teacher leaders, principals, assistant principals, central office leadership, and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) to better help support teacher leaders in their influential role and to increase student achievement through guiding their peers in elevating instruction.  Through these partnerships, visioning, inquiry cycles, and strategic planning we are expanding supports for teachers leaders each and every year.

What are our goals?

We are building and improving our supports for teacher leaders with intention and with grand goals.  It is no secret that we have extraordinarily talented teacher leaders all over the District in many of our teacher leader roles.  As we increase supports for our teacher leaders through professional development, professional learning communities, leadership coaching, and peer site visits – our teacher leaders’ growth and expertise shines.  Our goal is to assist our teacher leaders in growing their skills and mindsets aligned to the District’s teacher leader competencies, as well as assisting our teacher leaders to excel in their current roles and/or in reaching their next career milestone.

Who have we enlisted to accomplish our goals?

  • The Office of Leadership Development – Leadership competency development
  • Central office leaders responsible for the selection and development of specific teacher leader roles
  • Office of Research Development and Evaluation
  • Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Principals & teachers currently serving in leadership roles
  • Philadelphia Federation of Teachers

Successes Encountered

  • Launching of the District’s first cohort-based professional development for teacher leaders – The Teacher Leader Academy
    • Applications will be accepted late winter of each school year
    • Application for cohort #5 will be accepted in February 2022!
  • Implementation of K-12 School-Based Teacher Leader professional development
  • Instituting individualized leadership coaching offered to K-12 teacher leaders
  • Launch of peer site visits (cross-network)
  • Cross-functional collaboration between OTL and various stakeholders and central offices’ (Network and School Leadership; Leadership Development & Evaluation, Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment; Specialized Services; Class & Compensation; Research & Evaluation; Talent; Climate & Safety)
    • Teacher Leader Steering Committee
    • Advisory Boards (K-8 & HS)