Cornerstone Steppers and Screencasts

Please use these helpful steppers and screencasts to complete various common tasks throughout Cornerstone.  If it’s helpful, please print out the stepper sheet so you can follow along.

1) Logging In and Searching for Events – Stepper

2) Registering for One Session Events – Stepper

3) Registering for Multi-Session Events – Stepper

4) Getting on a Waitlist – Stepper

5) Withdrawing from a Session – Stepper

6) Accessing your Transcript – Stepper

7) Viewing and Printing an Event Completion Certificate – Stepper

8a) Managing Events for Central Office – Stepper

9) For School Administrators: Viewing teacher transcripts & Recommending events to teachers – Stepper

10) For Administrators & Secretaries: How to submit attendance on a district-wide PD day – Stepper

11a) Stepper for taking an online course in Cornerstone (online course and general materials)- Stepper

11b) Stepper for taking an online course in Cornerstone (general materials)- Stepper

12) Using Event Calendar to Register for School Based PD- Stepper