Lead Safe Certification Program

The School District of Philadelphia works daily to ensure that our students and staff have a safe, healthy environment in which to learn and work. Lead Safe Certification Assessments will be performed in all schools constructed prior to 1978 likely to contain lead-based paint. The assessments will be conducted in accordance with Section A-703 of Subcode “A” of Title 4 of The Philadelphia Code. The goal is to reduce lead-based paint hazards and to obtain a Lead Safe Certificate for every school. The assessments will start in May 2019 and will continue through the 2019/2020 school year.  A team of Certified Lead Inspectors will assess school buildings to identify conditions of loose, peeling, flaking and crumbling paint and plaster. With student safety our main priority, the work performed in response to the assessments to address damaged paint will be completed or supervised by individuals who are trained and certified in United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead-based paint renovation, repair and painting work practices. These work practices ensure that classrooms and other areas are free of paint chips, dust and debris after the project is completed. Routine cleaning of schools by staff who were trained in the District’s lead safe cleaning standards will also take place to ensure that schools are safe for students on a daily basis.

A Notification Letter will be sent to each school community a minimum of 10-days prior to an assessment being conducted.  A full report containing the results of each school’s Lead Safe Certification Assessment will be posted to the District’s website within 10-days of the District’s receipt of the Lead Inspector’s report. Assessment reports will be shared on the District’s website on a rolling basis as the assessments are completed starting in May 2019.  For more information about lead, please contact the Lead Prevention Unit of the Philadelphia Department of Health at (215) 685-2788 or visit phila.gov/health/childhoodlead.


Please check back for letters as they are continually being updated through 2019.


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