Lead Safe Certification Program

Overview: Lead Safe Certification

The goal of the Lead Safe Certification Program is to reduce lead-based paint hazards in every school building and ensure that classrooms and other areas are free of paint chips, and lead-containing dust and debris on a daily basis and after every facilities, maintenance or capital project.

What you should know about the District’s Lead Safe Certification Program:

  • Student safety is out first priority!
  • Lead Safe Certification Assessments will be begin in all schools constructed prior to 1978, and other buildings deemed likely to contain lead-based paint.
  • Before a Lead Safe project begins in a school, Certified Lead Inspectors will assess the building to identify conditions of loose, peeling, flaking and crumbling paint and plaster.
  • Families and school communities will be notified at least 10 days prior to an assessment. Assessment results will be posted on this page (below) within 10 days of receipt.
  • The damage found as a result of the assessments will be managed and controlled by the school’s facilities staff until a Lead Safe repairs can be completed.
  • Lead Safe projects are completed and/or supervised by individuals who are trained and certified in United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead-based paint renovation, repair and painting (RRP) work practices.
  • Facilities cleaning staff are trained in the District’s lead safe cleaning standards. Routine cleaning will take place in every school to ensure that schools are safe for students on a daily basis.

For more information about lead, please contact the Lead Prevention Unit of the Philadelphia Department of Health at (215) 685-2788 or visit phila.gov/health/childhoodlead.

Test Results: Please search for the most recent assessment results. Check back for letters as the results are continually being updated.

How to read the results: 

  • Click on a link below
  • Use the definitions to the right to interpret the information
  • *Note: Only schools that have been evaluated for a lead safe project have a link. If there is no link, that school has not been evaluated yet. Please check back often for updates.


  • Element = Some campuses have multiple buildings (main building, annex, little school house, etc.). Element denotes the structure that the information is referring to. The main building is typically denoted as “1”.
  • On-Site Room Name = The present day room label/number/assignment as observed the day of the evaluation.
  • Primary Component = The surface being described: W1, W2, W3, W4, Ceiling or Floor. W1, W2, W3, W4 refer to the door wall, left wall, front wall, and right wall respectively upon entering the room.
  • Substrate Material = The type of material underneath the painted surface.
  • Primary Component Damage Quantity (sf) = Total area, in square feet, of damaged paint on any assessed surface.
  • XRF Reading = Our consultants use X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) to test surfaces for lead presence.  This column shows the results of the XRF tests. The tests produce milligrams per square centimeter measurements.  In Philadelphia, the threshold for whether or not a surface is considered to contain lead presence is 0.7 mg/cm2.  Any reading above that threshold indicates lead presence and anything below indicates no lead presence.
  • Additional Component = Every painted surface in a space beyond the walls, including: doors, frames, rails, radiators, baseboards, window sills, etc.
Alexander Adaire Pre-KPre-K Program
Mary McLeod Bethune Head StartPre-K Program
Catharine Annex Head StartPre-K Program
Tanner Duckrey Head StartPre-K Program
Edwin Forrest Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Austin Meehan Head StartPre-K Program
Robert Lamberton Bright FuturesPre-K Program
W.C. Longstreth Head StartPre-K Program
Morton McMichael Head StartPre-K Program
Joseph Pennell Head StartPre-K Program
APM Rivera Center Head StartPre-K Program
Gilbert Spruance Head StartPre-K Program
APM Trinidad Center Head StartPre-K Program
Willard Annex Head StartPre-K Program
Rivera Pre-K Program
Pratt Head StartPre-K Program
Ethel Allen Bright FuturesPre-K Program
James Blaine Head StartPre-K Program
George Childs @ Barratt Head StartPre-K Program
F.S. Edmonds Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Edward Gideon Head StartPre-K Program
Fanny Jackson Coppin Head StartPre-K Program
Henry Lawton Head StartPre-K Program
James Lowell Bright FuturesPre-K Program
George Meade Head StartPre-K Program
Samuel Pennypacker Pre-KPre-K Program
George Sharswood Head StartPre-K Program
Edwin Stanton Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Turner Center Head StartPre-K Program
Richard Wright Head StartPre-K Program
Catherine Annex Head StartPre-K Program
Trinidad Head StartPre-K Program
Add B. Anderson Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Rudolph Blankenburg Head StartPre-K Program
Cook-Wissahickon Head StartPre-K Program
Ellwood Head StartPre-K Program
Horatio Hackett Bright Futures & Head StartPre-K Program
W.D. Kelley Head StartPre-K Program
Henry Lea Head StartPre-K Program
Mastery-Cleveland Center (Ren Charter) Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Thomas Mifflin Head StartPre-K Program
Pratt Center Head StartPre-K Program
Shawmont Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Edward Steel Head StartPre-K Program
Vare-Washington Head StartPre-K Program
Feltonville Head StartPre-K Program
Washington Pre-KPre-K Program
Bache-Martin Bright FuturesPre-K Program
F. Amadee Bregy Head StartPre-K Program
William Cramp Head StartPre-K Program
Eleanor Emlen Pre-KPre-K Program
Haverford Center Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Eliza Kirkbride Head StartPre-K Program
William Loesche Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Alexander McClure Bright FuturesPre-K Program
George Nebinger Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Prince Hall Head StartPre-K Program
South Philadelphia HS Head StartPre-K Program
John Taggart Head StartPre-K Program
George Washington HS Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Hartranft Community CenterPre-K Program
South Philadelphia Pre-KPre-K Program
Clara Barton Head StartPre-K Program
William Bryant Head StartPre-K Program
A.B. Day Head StartPre-K Program
Aloysius Fitzpatrick Head Start & Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Edward Heston Head StartPre-K Program
L.P. Hill - Today's Child Head StartPre-K Program
James Logan Head StartPre-K Program
William McKinley Head StartPre-K Program
John Patterson Head StartPre-K Program
Rhawnhurst Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Southwark Head StartPre-K Program
Bayard Taylor Head StartPre-K Program
John Webster Head StartPre-K Program
Haverford - Bright FuturesPre-K Program
Alexander AdaireElementary
Bache-Martin (Martin Building)
Bache-Martin (Bache Building)
Amedee F. BregyElementary
William C. BryantElementary

Benjamin B. Comegys
Kennedy C. CrossanElementary
James DobsonElementary
Thomas K. FinletterElementary
Anne FrankElementary
Joseph GreenbergElementary
Avery D. HarringtonElementary
Francis HopkinsonElementary
Abram JenksElementary
Francis Scott KeyElementary
Anna L. LingelbachElementary
James R. LowellElementary
Delaplaine McDanielElementary
Thomas MifflinElementary
Robert B. PollockElementary
Andrew J. MorrisonElementary
James RhoadsElementary
George SharswoodElementary
Edward SteelElementary
Widener MemorialElementary
Dr. Ethel AllenElementary
Laura H. CarnellElementary
Watson ComlyElementary
Anna B. DayElementary
Tanner DuckreyElementary
Eleanor C. EmlenElementary
Fitler Elementary
Benjamin FranklinElementary
Albert M. GreenfieldElementary
John F. HartranftElementary
Henry HoustonElementary
Gen. Philip KearnyElementary
Eliza B. KirkbrideElementary
Alain LockeElementary
James R. LudlowElementary
Gen. George A. McCallElementary
McDaniel AnnexElementary
Thomas G. MortonElementary
E.W. RhodesElementary
Spring GardenElementary
James J. SullivanElementary
Laura W. WaringElementary
Richard R. WrightElementary
Ethan AllenElementary
Mary McLeod BethuneElementary
Bridesburg AnnexElementary
Joseph CatharineElementary
Stephen DecaturElementary
Paul L. DunbarElementary
Louis H. FarrellElementary
A. L. FitzpatrickElementary
Edward GideonElementary
Horatio B. HackettElementary
Charles W. HenryElementary
Julia HoweElementary
William D. KelleyElementary
Robert E. LambertonElementary
William H. LoescheElementary
John MarshallElementary
Alexander K. McClureElementary
William McKinleyElementary
John Moffet Elementary
Jospeh PennellElementary
Swing Space (Previously Samuel Powel)Elementary
George W. NebingerElementary
Isaac A. SheppardElementary
Gilbert SpruanceElementary
John H. TaggartElementary
Martha WashingtonElementary
William H. ZieglerElementary
Add B. AndersonElementary
James G. BlaineElementary
Henry A. BrownElementary
Jay CookeElementary
William DickElementary
Franklin S. EdmondsElementary
D. Newlin FellElementary
Edwin ForrestElementary
Stephen GirardElementary
Andrew HamiltonElementary
Edward HestonElementary
Fanny Jackson CoppinElementary
John B. KellyElementary
Henry W. LawtonElementary
James LoganElementary
Morton McMichaelElementary
Gen, George G. MeadeElementary
J. Hampton MooreElementary
Samuel PennypackerElementary
Prince HallElementary

Olney Annex
Gloria Casarez (previously Philip H. Sheridan)Elementary
Edwin M. StantonElementary
Bayard TaylorElementary
John H. WebsterElementary

Chester A. Arthur
Rudolph BlankenburgElementary
Joseph H. BrownElementary
William CrampElementary
Hamilton DisstonElementary
Lewis ElkinElementary
Feltonville IntermediateElementary
Fox ChaseElementary
Samuel GompersElementary
John HancockElementary
Thomas HolmeElementary
J.S. Jenks Academy Arts SciencesElementary
Henry C. LeaElementary
William C. LongstrethElementary
John F. McCloskeyElementary
William M. MeredithElementary
Robert MorrisElementary
Overbrook Educational CenterElementary
William RowenElementary
Allen M. StearneElementary
Taylor Annex (Our Lady of Pompeii)Elementary
John WelshElementary
AMY 5 @ James MartinMiddle
Hancock Demonstration @ LaBrumMiddle
Gen. Louis WagnerMiddle
Academy for the Middle Years at NorthwestMiddle
Warren G. HardingMiddle
Woodrow WilsonMiddle
Austin MeehanMiddle
Russell ConwellMiddle
MYA - Middle Years AltMiddle
Feltonville Arts & SciencesMiddle
Academy @ PalumboHigh
Benjamin FranklinHigh
Parkway NorthwestHigh
Randolph TechnicalHigh
Science Leadership Academy @ BeeberHigh
The Workshop SchoolHigh
Arts Academy @ Benjamin RushHigh
Creative & Performing ArtsHigh
Horace FurnessHigh
Martin Luther KingHigh
Penn TreatyHigh
Paul RobesonHigh
South Philadelphia
South Philadelphia Field House
George Washington
George Washington Field House
John Bartram
John Bartram Field House
Murrell DobbinsHigh
Girard Academic Music ProgramHigh
Philadelphia Learning Academy WestHigh
Strawberry MansionHigh
West Philadelphia Field HouseHigh
William W. BodineHigh
Frankford Field House
Phila. HS for GirlsHigh
Jules E. MastbaumHigh
Parkway Center CityHigh
Philadelphia Military AcademyHigh
Walter B. SaulHigh
Swenson Arts/TechHigh
Building 21High
Franklin Learning CenterHigh
Hill-Freedman World AcademyHigh
Julia R. MastermanHigh
Parkway West @ SulzbergerHigh
Philadelphia Virtual AcademyHigh
William L. SayreHigh
The U School @ FergusonHigh

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