Construction Bids

Sealed proposals will be received by the Office of Capital Programs at the School Administration Building located at 440 North Broad St., 3rd Floor, Portal A, Office of Capital Programs, Philadelphia, PA 19130-4015, until 2:00 P.M., on the date specified below. A non-refundable fee for each set of bid documents is as scheduled. The School District will only accept bids from companies that have been placed on its current Pre Qualified Contractors List as shown here. All School District Projects require MBE/WBE participation as shown in the specifications.

Specifications, plans, and/or contract documents may be examined and copies thereof obtained from the Office of Capital Programs, 440 North Broad Street, 3rd floor, Portal A Philadelphia, PA 19130.

Bid documents, etc., may be obtained at the above address. For information regarding bid documents please call 215-400-4730 or email Please make checks payable to the School District of Philadelphia.

The Office of Capital Programs reserves the right to reject any and all bids and make the awards to the best interests of the School District of Philadelphia.

NOTICE: While addenda only appear in the General contract row of each project, they may apply to Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing contracts for the same project.

PROCUREMENT NOTICE: The budget for Procurement contracts are $25,000 and up.

2018-19 UPDATE: Projects will NOT be awarded without a copy of your Philadelphia Contractors License.

Visit our Paint & Plaster Construction Bids page for updates on our stabilization projects.


Capital Bids

Posted DateDue DateSpecification #ContractDescriptionAddendaLocationBudgetFeeResults
09/2010/22/19B-072 C of 2017/18 GeneralRoof Replacement
A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 10:00 A.M.
Laura H. Carnell Elementary School $1,257,585$25
09/2010/22/19B-054 C of 2018/19 GeneralBuilding Façade Structural Repairs
A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 11:00 A.M.
James Dobson Elementary School$578,016 $25
09/2010/22/19B-055 C of 2018/19 ElectricalGenerator Replacement
A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 11:00 A.M.
William Rowen Elementary School$175,957$25
09/1112/31/19B-002 G-X OF 2018/19RFQRFQ: Paint & Plaster Repairs Rolling Submissions
Sample Contract Part 1
Sample Contract Part 2
08/2610/08/19B-044 C of 2017/18 ElectricalElectrical Upgrades
A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 10:00 A.M.
Vare-Washington Elementary$1,699,170$25Bid Results
08/2309/24/19B-036 C of 2018/19 ElectricalGenerator Replacement
A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 10:00 A.M.

Camelot Academy School $111,990$25Bid Results
Sample Contract
Professional ServicesEducational Specifications, Design Guidelines & StandardsAddendum1
06/2707/11/19B-121 C (R) of 2017/18MechanicalCTE Improvements Addendum1
Swenson Arts & Technology High School$405,870$25Bid Results
05/3106/18/19B-046 C of 2018/19ElectricalGenerator Replacement
A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at 10:00 A.M.
Julia Ward Howe Elementary School $115,750$25Bid Results
05/1706/25/19B-120 C of 2017/18 GeneralCTE Improvements
A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 11:00 AM.
Walkthrough Attendance

Swenson Arts & Technology High School$1,165,605$25Bid Results
B-121 C of 2017/18 MechanicalCTE Improvements $405,870$25Please refer to B-121 C (R) of 2017/18
B-123 C of 2017/18 ElectricalCTE Improvements $400,872$25Bid Results
05/1406/18/19B-083 C of 2017/18 GeneralWindow Replacement
A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 10:00 A.M.
Walkthrough Sign In Sheet
Potter Thomas Elementary School $728,427$25Bid Results
04/1504/30/19B-070 CGeneralCommons RenovationAddendum1Carver Engineering & Science$303,340 $25Bid Results
B-071 CElectrical$49,527 $25Bid Results
04/1105/07/19B-124 C of 2017/18GeneralScience Lab Renovation
Walkthrough Attendance
Addendum1Girard Academic Music Program$444,654$25Bid Results
B-125 C of 2017/18Electrical$136,228$25Bid Results
B-126 C of 2017/18Mechanical$143,362$25Bid Results
B-127 C of 2017/18Plumbing$196,336$25Bid Results
04/0905/21/19B-108 C of 2017/18GeneralBoiler Plant Replacement
Walkthrough Attendance
Mastbaum Vocational Tech High School$308,760$25Bid Results
B-109 C of 2017/18Mechanical $2,191,263$25Bid Results
B-110 C of 2017/18Electrical$412,672$25Bid Results
04/0504/30/19B-019 C of 2018/19 GeneralClassroom Modernization
Walkthrough Attendance
Addendum1James J. Sullivan Elementary School$956,754$25Bid Results
B-020 C of 2018/19 ElectricalClassroom Modernization$624,118$25Bid Results
04/0105/7/19B-052 C of 2017/18 ElectricalElectrical UpgradesAddendum1
Meredith William M. Elementary School$1,635,478$25Bid Results
04/0104/30/19B-134 C of 2017/18 GeneralScience Lab Modernization
Walkthrough Attendance
Addendum1Conwell Middle School$452,867$25Bid Results
B-135 C of 2017/18 PlumbingScience Lab Modernization$133,541$25Bid Results
B-136 C of 2017/18ElectricalScience Lab Modernization$153,355$25Bid Results
04/0105/07/19B-138 C of 2017/18GeneralCTE Improvements
Walkthrough Attendance
Randolph Career and Technical High School$642,353 $25Bid Results
05/07/19B-139 C of 2017/18Mechanical CTE Improvements$630,275$25Bid Results
05/07/19B-140 C of 2017/18Plumbing CTE Improvements$140,324$25Bid Results
05/07/19B-141 C of 2017/18 ElectricalCTE Improvements$581,576 $25Bid Results
03/2904/30/19B-005 C of 2018/19GeneralNew Exterior ADA Accessible Ramp & Stair
Walkthrough Attendance
William Cramp School$205,530$25Bid Results
03/1905/02/19B-128 C of 2017/18GeneralMajor Renovations
Walkthrough Attendance

Andrew Hamilton School$4,129,057$25Bid Results
B-129 C of 2017/18MechanicalMajor Renovations$2,065,911$25Bid Results
B-130 C of 2017/18PlumbingMajor Renovations$217,198$25Bid Results
B-131 C of 2017/18ElectricalMajor Renovations$2,173,918$25Bid Results
03/1404/02/19B-132C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom ModernizationAddendum1Charles W. Henry School $1,343,825$25Bid Results
B-133C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$344,549$25Bid Results
03/1804/09/19B-091C of 2017/18MechanicalMechanical Plant ReplacementAddendum1
James G. Blaine School $1,045,081$25Bid Results
B-092C of 2017/18ElectricalMechanical Plant Replacement$105,952$25Bid Results
03/0804/02/19B-068 C of 2017/18MechanicalChiller/Cooling Tower ReplacementAddendum1
Bethune$694,780$25Bid Results
B-069 C of 2017/18ElectricalChiller/Cooling Tower Replacement$202,147$25Bid Results
02/2803/19/19B-105 C of 2017/18 Electrical
Relighting Bodine High School $586,452$25Bid Results
02/0703/05/19B-024 C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom ModernizationAddendum1Munoz-Marin$820,384$25Bid Results
B-025 C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$510,669$25Bid Results
02/0703/05/19B-029 C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom Modernization
Walkthrough Attendance
Addendum1Emlen$642,500$25Bid Results
B-030 C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$336,391$25Bid Results
02/0703/05/19B-021 C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom Modernization
Walkthrough Attendance
Addendum1Potter Thomas$927,935$25Bid Results
B-022 C of 2018/19PlumbingClassroom Modernization$87,008$25Bid Results
B-023 C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$455,316$25Bid Results
02/0703/05/19B-026 C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom Modernization
Walkthrough Attendance
Addendum1Ethel Allen$785,754$25Bid Results
B-027 C of 2018/19PlumbingClassroom Modernization$61,522$25Bid Results
B-028 C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$395,416$25Bid Results
02/0703/05/19B-031 C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom Modernization
Walkthrough Attendance
Addendum1Edmonds$1,184,442$25Bid Results
B-032 C of 2018/19PlumbingClassroom Modernization$69,415$25Bid Results
B-033 C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$687,495$25Bid Results
02/0703/05/19B-034 C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom Modernization
Walkthrough Attendance
Dunbar$504,472$25Bid Results
B-035 C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$364,930$25Bid Results
02/0703/07/19B-043 C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom ModernizationAddendum1Morris$634,959$25Bid Results
B-044 C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$361,411$25Bid Results
02/0703/07/19B-037 C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom ModernizationAddendum1Mitchell$886,602$25Bid Results
B-038 C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$405,606$25Bid Results
02/0703/07/19B-041 C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom ModernizationAddendum1Bryant$1,026,227$25Bid Results
B-042 C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$500,076$25Bid Results
02/0703/07/19B-039 C of 2018/19GeneralClassroom ModernizationAddendum1
Bache-Martin$749,740$25Bid Results
B-040 C of 2018/19ElectricalClassroom Modernization$482,772$25Bid Results
01/2903/05/19B-040 C of 2017/18 ElectricalElectrical UpgradesAddendum1
Thomas K. Finletter Academics Plus School$2,104,611$25Bid Results
01/1402/21/19B-106 C of 2017/18 GeneralStructural Repairs and ADA RampAddendum1
Bodine High School
1101 N 4th St
$423,000$25Bid Results
01/1402/05/19B-104 C of 2017/18ElectricalRelightingAddendum1
Laura H. Carnell School
1100 Devereaux Ave
$981,457$25Bid Results
12/1902/01/19B-001 G-2RFQRFQ: Paint & Plaster Repairs Rolling Submissions
12/1402/14/19B-025 C [R] of 2017/18 GeneralPhase 1 Site Improvements
Walkthrough Attendance
Central High School
1700 West Olney Ave.
$6,183,978$25Bid Results
B-026 C of 2017/18Electrical$598,876$25Bid Results
12/1401/15/19B-100 C of 2017/18GeneralCoal Storage RepairWilliam C. Bryant Elementary
6001 Cedar Ave.
$426,014$25Bid Results
11/2012/18/18B-001 C of 2018/19GeneralScience Lab Renovation
Walkthrough Attendance
Addendum1Philadelphia High School for Girls$417,500$25Bid Results
B-002 C of 2018/19Mechanical$50,700$25Bid Results
B-003 C of 2018/19Plumbing$177,200$25Bid Results
B-004 C of 2018/19Electrical$198,000$25Bid Results
11/1512/11/18B-089 C of 2016/17GeneralPaving & Stormwater ManagementAddendum1Widener Memorial School$1,292,702$25Bid Results
10/0411/06/18B-036 C of 2017/18GeneralCoal Storage & Wall RepairsAddendum1Beeber High School$678,029$25Bid Results
09/2110/25/18B-002 G of 2018/19 RFPRFPRFP: Paint and Plaster Repairs
Sample Contract Part 1
Sample Contract Part 2
Awarded Firms
09/1810/16/18B-048 C of 2017/18ElectricalRelighting
Addendum1Spring Garden Elementary$378,743$25Bid Results
09/1810/16/18B-064 C of 2017/18ElectricalGenerator Replacement
Addendum1James Lowell School$97,613$25Bid Results
09/1810/16/18B-061 C of 2017/18ElectricalGenerator Replacement
Addendum1Paul Dunbar School$97,653$25Bid Results
09/1310/16/18B-093 C of 2017/18GeneralClassroom Modernization
Walkthrough Attendance
Addendum1Feltonville Intermediate$693,947$25Bid Results
10/16/18B-094 C of 2017/18Mechanical$62,580$25Bid Results
10/16/18B-095 C of 2017/18Electrical$283,242$25Bid Results
08/3109/25/18B-057 C of 2017/18ElectricalGenerator Replacement
Addendum1Edward Steel$95,640$25Bid Results
08/3109/25/18B-060 C of 2017/18ElectricalGenerator Replacement
Addendum1C.W. Henry$92,090$25Bid Results
08/3109/25/18B-028 C of 2017/18ElectricalRelighting
Addendum1Marshall J. School$525,790$25Bid Results
08/3009/27/18B-084 C of 2017/18GeneralChiller Plant Replacement
Addendum1Edward Heston
1621 N. 54th St.
$86,428$25Bid Results
09/27/18B-085 C of 2017/18Mechanical$400,518$25Bid Results
09/27/18B-086 C of 2017/18Electrical$48,692$25Bid Results
08/2209/11/18B-056 C of 2017/18ElectricalGenerator Replacement
John Kinsey$113,856$25Bid Results
08/2109/18/18B-087 C of 2016/17GeneralPaving & Stormwater ManagementAddendum1E.W. Rhodes
2900 W Clearfield St.
$1,731,188$25Bid Results
08/2109/13/18B-053 C of 2017/18ElectricalRelighting
Addendum1Samuel Gompers
5701 Wynnefield Ave.
$777,355$25Bid Results
08/2009/11/18B-054 C of 2016/17ElectricalGenerator ReplacementAddendum1John Wister
$89,800$25Bid Results
08/0608/28/18B-079 C of 2017/18ElectricalRelightingAddendum1
AMY at James Martin
3380 Richmond St
$1,297,860$25Bid Results
08/0608/28/18B-053 C of 2016/17Electrical Generator Replacement
Addendum1Harrington ES
5300 Baltimore Ave
$93,463$25Bid Results
08/0608/28/18B-052 C of 2016/17Electrical Generator Replacement
Addendum1Bodine HS
1101 N 4th St
$95,846$25Bid Results
07/1708/28/18B-080 C of 2017/18GeneralCooling Plant ReplacementAddendum1
Edison HS
151 W Luzerne St
$315,398$25Bid Results
07/1708/28/18B-081 C of 2017/18Mechanical$1,647,668$25Bid Results
07/1708/28/18B-082 C of 2017/18Electrical$427,924$25Bid Results
07/1207/24/18B-006 C of 2018/19GeneralAsbestos Abatement & Enviro. Clean-Up
A pre-bid conference and site tour will be scheduled.
Various Schools$600,000$25Bid Results
07/0308/28/18B-075 C of 2017/18 General New Construction
Drawings 1
Drawings 2
Addendum 3 Drawings
Sheet
Solis Cohen ES
7001 Horrocks St.
$33,574,550$25Bid Results
07/0308/28/18B-076 C of 2017/18Mechanical $6,000,000$25Bid Results
07/0308/28/18B-077 C of 2017/18Plumbing$2,610,000$25Bid Results
07/0308/28/18B-078 C of 2017/18Electrical$4,450,000$25Bid Results
06/1907/11/18B-019 C (R)
of 2017/18
Electrical*RE-BID* Renovation & ImprovementsAddendum1
Ben Franklin HS
550 N. Broad St.
$5,270,000$25Bid Results
06/1807/03/18B-001 G of 2018/19GeneralPaint and Plaster WorkAddendum1Various Schools$7,500,000$25Bid Results
06/0707/12/18B-045 C of 2017/18MechanicalHVAC System ImprovementsAddendum1Benjamin Rush MS
11081 Knights Rd.
$514,500$25Bid Results
05/2206/15/18B-018 C of 2017/18GeneralRenovation & Improvements
Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Addendum1Ben Franklin HS
550 N. Broad St.
$12,845,000$25Bid Results
05/2206/15/18B-020 C of 2017/18Mechanical$3,545,000$25Bid Results
05/2206/15/18B-021 C of 2017/18Plumbing$2,264,538$25Bid Results
04/1706/05/18B-121 C (R)
of 2016/17
Electrical*RE-BID* Boiler Plant ReplacementAddendum1
Adaire ES
1300 E. Palmer St.
$282,547$25Bid Results
05/14/18GSC-013ProcurementPipe Insulation$25,000
05/14/18GSC-012ProcurementOn-Call Piping Repairs$25,000
05/14/18GSC-011ProcurementBoiler Burner Service$25,000
04/2005/14/18B-071 C of 2017/18GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
Childs ES
1599 Wharton St.
$516,214$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-074 C of 2017/18Electrical$319,048$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18 B-041 C of 2017/18 GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
McMichael ES
3543 Fairmount Ave.
$547,117$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-043 C of 2017/18Electrical$338,939$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18 B-033 C of 2017/18 GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
Rhoads ES
4901 Parrish St.
$682,816 $25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-035 C of 2017/18Electrical$393,697$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18 B-067 C of 2017/18GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
Steel ES
4301 Wayne Ave.
$1,058,119$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-070 C of 2017/18Electrical$336,953$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-063 C of 2017/18 GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
Rowen ES
6841 North 19th St.
$646,623 $25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-066 C of 2017/18Electrical$361,800$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18 B-059 C of 2017/18GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
A. B. Day ES
6324 Crittenden St.
$420,416$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-062 C of 2017/18Electrical$414,330$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18 B-037 C of 2017/18 GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
J. H. Brown ES
3600 Stanwood St.
$678,406$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18 B-039 C of 2017/18 Electrical$388,640$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18 B-029 C of 2017/18 GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
Farrell ES
8300 Castor Ave.
$397,305$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-031 C of 2017/18Electrical$168,733$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18 B-047 C of 2017/18GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
Taggart ES
3698 N. Randolph St.
$732,204$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-050 C of 2017/18Electrical$184,541$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-055 C of 2017/18GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
Hunter ES
2400 N. Front St.
$198,912$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-058 C of 2017/18Electrical$235,105$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-051 C of 2017/18GeneralClassroom Modernization
Sheet
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
Webster ES
3400 Frankford Ave.
$1,121,070$25Bid Results
04/2005/14/18B-054 C of 2017/18Electrical$502,123$25Bid Results
04/1605/08/18B-003C 2017/18GeneralATC ReplacementAddendum 1JB Kelly ES
5116 Pulaski Ave.
$142,274$25Bid Results
04/1605/08/18B-004C 2017/18Mechanical$2,154,177$25Bid Results
04/1605/08/18B-024C 2017/18Electrical$176,884$25Bid Results
04/1105/08/18B-086 C of 2016/17GeneralPaving and Stormwater ManagementAddendum 1Hill Freedman Academy @ Leeds Campus$1,504,911$25Bid Results
04/0505/01/18B-088 C of 2016/17GeneralPaving and Stormwater ManagementAddendum 1Rowen ES
6841 N. 19th St.
$528,966$25Bid Results
04/0505/08/18B-119 C of 2016/17GeneralBoiler Plant Replacement
Addendum1Adaire ES
1300 E. Palmer St.
$92,218$25Bid Results
04/0505/08/18B-120 C of 2016/17Mechanical$2,477,967$25Bid Results
04/0505/08/18B-121 C of 2016/17Electrical$282,547$25Plan Holders
03/2805/01/18B-011 C of 2017/18GeneralNew Livestock CenterAddendum 1
Addendum 2
W.B. Saul HS
7100 Henry Ave.
$550,700$25Bid Results
03/2805/01/18B-012 C of 2017/18Plumbing$128,700$25Bid Results
03/2805/01/18B-013 C of 2017/18Electrical$200,800$25Bid Results
03/2804/24/18B-085 C of 2016/17GeneralPaving & Stormwater ManagementAddendum 1
Addendum 2
Lankenau HS
201 Spring Ln.
$535,225$25 Bid Results
03/2805/08/18GSC-008ProcurementPlumbing Services$25,000
03/2605/01/18B-122 C of 2017/18GeneralMechanical Plant ReplacementAddendum 1
Addendum 2
Stanton ES
901 S. 17th St.
$99,258 $25Bid Results
03/2605/01/18B-123 C of 2017/18Mechanical$1,479,596$25Bid Results
03/2605/01/18B-124 C of 2017/18Electrical$204,733$25Bid Results
03/0804/26/18B-804 C of 2016/17GeneralMajor RenovationsAddendum 1
Addendum 2
Wilson MS
1800 Cottman Ave.
$7,260,332$25Bid Results

Sheet
03/0804/26/18 B-805 C of 2016/16Mechanical$2,936,210$25Bid Results
03/0804/26/18B-806 C of 2016/17Plumbing$255,088$25Bid Results
03/0804/26/18 B-807 C of 2016/17Electrical$4,221,144$25Bid Results
03/0104/03/18B-002 C of 2017/18GeneralRetaining Wall Structural Repair
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
Pollock ES
2875 Welsh Rd.
$826,747$25Bid Results
02/2604/03/18B-014 C of 2017/18GeneralMajor RenovationsAddendum 1
Addendum 2A
Addendum 2B
Addendum 3
Motivation HS
5900 Baltimore Ave.
$11,089,163$25Bid Results
02/2604/03/18B-015 C of 2017/18Mechanical$3,442,546$25Bid Results
02/2604/03/18B-016 C of 2017/18Plumbing$266,960$25Bid Results
02/2604/03/18B-017 C of 2017/18Electrical$2,841,156$25Bid Results
02/2204/05/18B-800 C of 2016/17GeneralMajor RenovationsAddendum 1
Addendum 2
Addendum 3

Addendum 4
Roosevelt ES
430 E. Washington Ln.
$5,779,149$25Bid Results
02/2204/05/18 B-801 C of 2016/17Mechanical$154,166$25Bid Results
02/2204/05/18B-802 C of 2016/17Plumbing$56,212$25Bid Results
02/2204/05/18B-803 C of 2016/17Electrical$1,259,103$25Bid Results
02/2203/13/18 B-022 C of 2017/18GeneralAsbestos AbatementAddendum 1Motivation/Kipp School, 5900 Baltimore Ave.$400,000$25Bid Results

Plan Holders
03/06/18GSC-005ProcurementBoiler Burner Service$25,000
02/1403/13/18B-104C of 2016/17ElectricalGenerator ReplacementAddendum 1Lewis Elkin ES, 3199 D St.$90,734$25Bid Results

Plan Holders
02/1403/06/18GSC-006ProcurementOn-Call Piping Services$25,000
01/3102/27/18B-056C of 2016/17GeneralRoof ReplacementAddendum 1Watson Comly ES, 1001 Byberry Rd.$1,510,733$25 Bid Results
02/14/18GSC-002ProcurementFire Sprinkler Repair$25,000
02/14/18GSC-001ProcurementElectrical Equipment$25,000
01/3002/22/18B-005C of 2017/18GeneralHVAC  RenovationsAddendum 1Munoz Marin ES, 3300 N. 3rd St.$99,214$25 Bid Results
01/3002/22/18B-006C of 2017/18Mechanical$3,250,970$25 Bid Results
01/3002/22/18B-007C of 2017/18Electrical$425,318$25Bid Results
02/13/18GSC-004ProcurementPlumbing Services$25,000
02/13/18GSC-003ProcurementPipe Insulation$25,000
01/1802/06/18B-009C of 2017/18ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementAddendum 1Morrison ES, 5100 N. 3rd St.$407,770$25 Bid Results
01/1202/27/18B-810C of 2016/17ElectricalMajor RenovationsAddendum 1Greenfield ES, 2200 Chestnut St.$886,388$25Bid Results
01/1202/27/18B-809C of 2016/17Mechanical$2,891,777$25Bid Results
01/1202/27/18B-808C of 2016/17General$1,009,605$25Bid Results
01/1202/13/18B-008C of 2017/18ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementAddendum 1Forrest ES, 7300 Cottage St.$289,700$25Bid Results
12/2901/30/18B-057 C of 2016/17GeneralRoof ReplacementAddendum 1W. F. Harrity ES, 5601 Christian St.$895,173$25Bid Results
12/2901/23/18B-103C of 2016/17ElectricalEmergency Generator ReplacementHampton Moore ES, 6900 Summerdale Ave.$93,916$25Bid Results
12/2101/30/18B-001C of 2017/18ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementAddendum 1
Addendum 2
Joseph Pennell ES, 1800 Nedro Ave.$289,552$25Bid Results
12/1201/23/18B-065C of 2016/17GeneralRoof ReplacementAddendum 1
Andrew Hamilton ES, 5640 Spruce St.$1,232,427$25Bid Results
10/2611/28/17B-063 C of 2016/17GeneralRoof ReplacementAddendum 1George Sharswood  ES, 2300 S. 2nd St.$1,487,791$25Bid Results
10/2612/05/17B-059 C of 2016/17GeneralRoof ReplacementAddendum 1Thurgood Marshall, 5120 N. 6th St.$929,436$25Bid Results
10/2511/21/17B-010 C of 2017/18GeneralStructural RepairsAddendum 1Leslie Pinkney Hill ES, 3133 Ridge Ave.$199,000$25Bid Results
10/2011/14/17B-105 C of 2016/17ElectricalGenerator ReplacementRoosevelt ES, 430 E. Washington Ln.$99,000$25Bid Results
10/1911/21/17B-058 C of 2016/17GeneralRoof ReplacementAddendum 1Kearny ES, 601 Fairmount Ave.$630,974$25Bid Results
10/0411/14/17B-064 C of 2016/17GeneralRoof ReplacementAddendum 1Harrington ES, 5300 Baltimore Ave.$1,174,412$25Bid Results
11/14/17B-106 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementHancock ES, 3700 Morrell Ave.$244,188$25Bid Results
11/14/17B-084 C of 2016/17ElectricalMajor Renovation Phase 2Addendum 1Moore ES, 6900 Summerdale Ave.$1,927,531$25Bid Results
11/14/17B-083 C of 2016/17General$648,124$25Bid Results
11/07/17B-051 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementLea ES, 4700 Locust St.$313,930$25Bid Results
10/03/17B-025 O of 2017/18GeneralTrailer Modernization and RelocationVarious Schools$60,000$25Bid Results
08/22/17B-017 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementCooke ES, 1300 W. Louden St.$465,900$25Bid Results
09/19/17B-093C of 2016/17ElectricalNew AdditionAddendum 1Farrell ES, 8300 Castor Rd.$427,928$25Bid Results
09/19/17B-092C of 2016/17Plumbing$405,977$25Bid Results
09/19/17B-091C of 2016/17Mechanical$613,785$25Bid Results
09/19/17B-090C of 2016/17General$4,224,247$25Bid Results
08/22/17B-110 C of 2016/17ElectricalHVAC RenovationRush ES, 11081 Knights Rd.$161,303$25Bid Results
08/22/17B-109 C of 2016/17Mechanical$709,587$25Bid Results
08/22/17B-018 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementPrince Hall ES, 6101 N. Gratz St.$261,230$25Bid Results
08/15/17B-108 C of 2016/17ElectricalHVAC RenovationWebster ES, 3400 Frankford Ave.$238,775 $25Bid Results
08/15/17B-107 C of 2016/17Mechanical$1,401,580$25Bid Results
08/15/17B-093 C of 2015/16GeneralBuilding DemolitionOld Fels HS, 1001 Devereaux Ave.$3,000,000$25Bid Results
08/01/17B-098 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementTaggart ES, 400 W. Porter St.$294,514$25Bid Results
08/01/17B-097 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementMorris ES, 2600 W. Thompson St.$325,622$25Bid Results
08/01/17B-019 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementCook-Wissahickon ES, 531 Righter St.$365,073$25Bid Results
08/01/17B-055 C of 2016/17GeneralRoof ReplacementBrown ES, 1900 E. Sergeant St.$1,323,828$25Bid Results
08/01/17B-096 C of 2016/17ElectricalMajor Renovation Phase 1Moore ES, 6900 Summerdale Ave.$102,786$25Bid Results
08/01/17B-095 C of 2016/17Plumbing$53,666$25Bid Results
08/01/17B-094 C of 2016/17General$5,595,041$25Bid Results
06/27/17B-062 C of 2016/17ElectricalDigital Media Lab RenovationsOverbrook HS, 5898 Lancaster Ave.$188,842$25Bid Results
06/27/17B-061 C of 2016/17Mechanical$146,191$25Bid Results
06/27/17B-060 C of 2016/17General$243,121$25Bid Results
06/27/17B-113 C of 2016/17PlumbingRoof ReplacementLoesche ES, 595 Tomlinson Rd.$173,124$25Bid Results
06/27/17B-112 C of 2016/17Mechanical$153,320$25Bid Results
06/27/17B-111 C of 2016/17General$2,536,177$25Bid Results
06/27/17B-020 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm Replacement$376,703$25Bid Results
06/20/17B-073 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementHackett ES, 2161 E. York St.$329,253$25Bid Results
06/20/17B-006 C of 2016/17GeneralAsbestos AbatementVarious Schools$600,000 $25
06/27/17B-035 C of 2015/16ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementEdison HS, 151 W. Luzerne St.$1,905,279$25Bid Results
06/27/17B-034 C of 2015/16GeneralElevator Alterations$761,818$25Bid Results
06/06/17B-070 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementBethune ES, 3301 Old York Road$347,100$25Bid Results
06/06/17B-013 C of 2016/17ElectricalElevator Alterations Elgin ES, 3199 D St.$63,874$25Bid Results
06/06/17B-012 C of 2015/16General$232,090$25Bid Results
05/16/17B-101 C of 2016/17ElectricalElevator AlterationsKenderton ES, 1500 W. Ontario St.$81,561$25Bid Results
05/16/17B-100 C of 2016/17General$332,058$25Bid Results
05/04/17B-024 C of 2016/17GeneralRoof ReplacementRhoads ES, 4901 Parrish St.$720,755$25Bid Results
05/02/17B-028 C of 2016/17GeneralRoof ReplacementDunbar ES, 1750 N. 12th St.$1,226,753$25Bid Results
05/02/17B-038 C of 2016/17ElectricalClassroom ModernizationMeade ES, 1600 N. 18th St.$235,700$25Bid Results
05/02/17B-037 C of 2016/17Plumbing$28,390$25Bid Results
05/02/17B-036 C of 2016/17General$462,000$25Bid Results
05/02/17B-032 C of 2016/17ElectricalClassroom ModernizationDuckery ES, 1501 W. Diamond St.$237,290$25Bid Results
05/02/17B-031 C of 2016/17Plumbing$47,520$25Bid Results
05/02/17B-030 C of 2016/17General$438,820$25Bid Results
04/25/17B-050 C of 2016/17ElectricalClassroom ModernizationGideon ES, 2817 W. Glenwood Ave.$176,261$25Bid Results
04/25/17B-048 C of 2016/17General$192,017$25Bid Results
04/25/17B-044 C of 2016/17ElectricalClassroom ModernizationPennell ES, 1800 W. Nedro Ave.$239,909$25Bid Results
04/25/17B-042 C of 2016/17General$372,755$25Bid Results
04/25/17B-041 C of 2016/17ElectricalClassroom ModernizationStearne ES, 1655 Unity St.$167,991$25Bid Results
04/25/17B-040 C of 2016/17Plumbing$29,367$25Bid Results
04/25/17B-039 C of 2016/17General$345,954$25Bid Results
04/25/17B-035 C of 2016/17ElectricalClassroom ModernizationLocke ES, 4550 Haverford Ave.$205,131$25Bid Results
04/25/17B-034 C of 2016/17Plumbing$27,833$25Bid Results
04/25/17B-033 C of 2016/17General$348,044$25Bid Results
04/11/17B-047 C of 2016/17ElectricalClassroom ModernizationLea ES, 4700 Locust St.$191,504$25Bid Results
04/11/17B-046 C of 2016/17Mechanical$100,156$25Bid Results
04/11/17B-045 C of 2016/17General$336,464$25Bid Results
04/06/17B-016 C of 2016/17ElectricalBoiler ReplacementSpring Garden ES, 1146 Melon St.$100,316$25Bid Results
04/06/17B-015 C of 2016/17Mechanical$1,839,284$25Bid Results
04/04/17B-001 C of 2016/17GeneralFacade RestorationHowe ES, 1301-31 W. Grange Ave.$1,199,000$25Bid Results
03/30/17B-010 C of 2016/17ElectricalMechanical Plant ReplacementB.B. Comegys ES, 5100 Greenway Ave.$436,763$25Bid Results
03/30/17B-009 C of 2016/17Mechanical$1,508,820$25Bid Results
04/04/17B-014 C of 2016/17ElectricalScience Lab RenovationsParkway Center City, 540 N. 13th St.$137,832$25Bid Results
04/04/17B-013 C of 2016/17Plumbing$172,676$25Bid Results
04/04/17B-012 C of 2016/17Mechanical$53,750$25Bid Results
04/04/17B-011 C of 2016/17General$469,778$25Bid Results
03/28/17B-072 C of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementFire Alarm ReplacementTaylor ES, 3630 N. Randolph St.$128,451$25Bid Results
03/28/17B-071 C of 2016/17Electrical$274,210$25Bid Results
03/28/17B-027 C of 2016/17GeneralExterior Door ReplacementBarney ES, 900 W. Lindley Ave.$347,081$25Bid Results
03/28/17B-025 C of 2016/17GeneralExterior Door Replacement Meredith ES, 725 S. 5th St.$236,618$25Bid Results
03/28/17B-005 C of 2016/17GeneralLoading Deck Repairs Ben Franklin HS, 550 N. Broad St.$280,000$25Bid Results
03/09/17B-077 C of 2016/17ElectricalChiller ReplacementChiller ReplacementWebster ES, 3400 Frankford Ave.$104,270$25Bid Results
03/09/17B-076 C of 2016/17Mechanical$426,477$25Bid Results
03/07/17B-083 C of 2015/16ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementJohn Moffett ES, 127 W. Oxford St.$233,350$25Bid Results
02/21/17B-022 C of 2016/17GeneralAttic Asbestos Abatement Dunbar ES, 1750 N. 12th St.$400,000$25Bid Results
02/21/17B-020 C [R] of 2015/16GeneralUnderground Storage Tank Removal/InstallationCentral HS, 1700 W. Olney Ave.$275,000$25Bid Results
02/14/17B-038 C of 2015/16GeneralRoof ReplacementWilliam Bryant ES, 6001 Cedar Ave.$1,709,055$25Bid Results
02/14/17B-004 C of 2016/17GeneralRetaining Wall/Exterior Stair ReconstructionCassidy ES, 6523 Lansdowne Ave.$282,635$25Bid Results
02/07/17B-011 C of 2015/16GeneralElevator Replacement Cook-Wissahickon ES, 531 Righter St.$315,438$25Bid Results
02/02/17B-804 C of 2015/16Fire ProtectionMajor RenovationsMurrell Dobbins, 2150 W. Lehigh Ave.$1,942,000$25Bid Results
02/02/17B-803 C of 2015/16Electrical$10,126,000$25Bid Results
02/02/17B-802 C of 2015/16Plumbing$2,674,000$25Bid Results
02/02/17B-801 C of 2015/16Mechanical$5,659,000$25Bid Results
02/02/17B-800 C of 2015/16General$15,722,300$25Bid Results
01/05/17B-021 C of 2016/17GeneralAsbestos Abatement: Attic/Aud. Stage AreaKinsey HS, 6501 Limekiln Pike$225,000$25Bid Results
01/10/17B-050 C of 2015/16GeneralFacade RestorationFitler ES, 140 W. Seymour St.$870,601$25Bid Results
01/03/17B-059 G of 2016/17ElevatorElevator RepairsVarious Schools$1,500,000 $25Bid Results
01/03/17B-055 G of 2016/17GeneralRoof RepairsVarious Schools$1,500,000$25Bid Results
01/03/17B-054 G of 2016/17GeneralMasonry Structural RepairsVarious Schools$1,500,000$25Bid Results
01/03/17B-052 G of 2016/17ElectricalEmergency Generator RepairsVarious Schools$1,500,000$25Bid Results
01/03/17B-050 G of 2016/17ElectricalFire Alarm RepairsVarious Schools$1,500,000$25Bid Results
01/03/17B-049 G of 2016/17MechanicalA/C Repairs Over 50 TonsVarious Schools$1,500,000$25Bid Results
01/03/17B-031 G of 2016/17MechanicalATC Service and RepairsVarious Schools$1,500,000$25Bid Results
01/03/17B-028 G of 2016/17MechanicalBoiler/Refractory RepairsVarious Schools$1,500,000$25Bid Results
01/24/17B-012 G[R] of 2016/17MechanicalPiping and Sewer RepairsVarious Schools$1,500,000$25Bid Results
01/03/17B-011 G of 2016/17ElectricalHigh Voltage RepairsVarious Schools$1,500,000$25Bid Results
01/24/17B-030 C of 2015/16ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementRichard Wright, 2700 W. Dauphin St.$312,079$25Bid Results
01/24/17B-009 C of 2015/16ElectricalFire Alarm ReplacementEdward Heston ES, 1621 N. 54th St.$333,022$25Bid Results
Posted DateDue DateSpecification #ContractDescriptionAddendumLocationBudgetFeeResults


NOTICE: While addenda only appear in the General contract row of each project, they may apply to Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing contracts for the same project.

PROCUREMENT NOTICE: The budget for Procurement contracts are $25,000 and up.

2018-19 UPDATE: Projects will NOT be awarded without a copy of your Philadelphia Contractors License.